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Dr. Margaret Miller

Psychiatry and Therapy

Dr. Margaret Miller, DNP, LMSW is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner serving the New York area. She attended New York University as an undergraduate and completed her nursing degree and graduate work at Columbia University. She is currently affiliated with Bellevue Hospital Center.


Dr. Miller’s specialty is a combination of therapy and medication management with a focus on holistic treatment and patient-centered care. Prior to working in psychiatry as a nurse practitioner, Dr. Miller was a psychiatric social worker with training in both psychoanalytic therapy and a background in cognitive behavioral therapy. 


Dr. Miller approaches patients in an effort to understand not only singular psychiatric symptoms but rather the dynamic psychosocial factors impacting their lives. Her passion is for using scientific research and evidence-based practice to empower patients to make decisions for themselves. She focuses on the uniqueness of each patient, bringing sensitive care that is adapted to individual needs.

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